About zero

The only one

Who IS HE?

Once upon a time, there was a little character named Zero. Zero had a big dream: to participate in the Olympics. Despite his lack of natural talent, he trained tirelessly in all the sports he could.

He discovered that it would be difficult for him to achieve his dream with his small belly and his legendary clumsiness.

However, Zero was quite clever and realized that the key to his success was to create his own Olympics. And so, the Z Games were born: Olympic-style games where even the zeros could win!

The Z Games were a great success and allowed Zero to fulfill his dream of organizing an event that rewarded all participants, regardless of their athletic background. Zero is now a famous mascot worldwide, inspiring people to believe in their dreams.

Z GAMES Expert!

Zero began organizing Z Games for businesses, offering a unique event that allows employees to strengthen their teamwork and develop their communication skills.

Participants are offered a range of fun and challenging activities, all based on the concept of precision and skill rather than strength.

They are an effective way to foster a more collaborative, creative, and productive work environment.

Zero is now recognized as an expert in organizing successful corporate team building events, offering a unique experience that allows employees to connect, have fun, and work together to achieve common goals.

Zero’s Adventures

Zero is not really skilled and tends to cheat.

Zero plays Palets

Zero plays Beer Pong

Zero plays Darts


Secretly, Zero still wants to participate @Paris2024 Olympic Games. Here are some fans.

Alain Bernard

Alain Bernard

Champion Olympiques - Natation

Hubert Henno

Hubert Henno

Champion - Volley

Cyril Hanouna

Cyril Hanouna

Famous animator - Padel Lover